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About MARU Japanese Noodle Shop

Noodle, Rice Bowls, Appetizer

MARU Japanese Noodle Shop was produced by Chef Takayuki Takagi and Chef Yoshimi Tashima

We want to introduce more Japanese Food Culture Not just Ramen and Sushi in Tucson with focus on Noodles.  Udon Pasta noodle is very popular food currently in Japan.

They are low calories, healthy, taste you can not get tired of. You can add topping in the "Free Topping Bar" to finish up your noodles in your style!

Also, you should enjoy Japanese Soul Food "Onigiri"(Rice Ball) Salmon, Shrimp Tempura, Plum, Takana veggie and Chefs Special of the day.

You can pick small appetizer "Takoyaki", "Kara age", "Tempura" with your noodle.

We are located in the West Side near Pima College West Campus on Speedway  & Silverbell.

Stating from the popular Ramen with Maru original Umami broth. 

Don't miss other authentic Japanese Food also. 



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